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AH-21 Hydro-pneumatic pump

Hydropneumatic pump of low weight and minimum sound level, which is very comfortable to work in any task that requires a hydraulic pressure obtained from a compressed air intake. It has a safety valve to prevent discharges. The pedal acts as a distributor, pumping oil to the cylinder or letting it return as press "press" or "release". In the resting position, the pump maintains the pressure.

AH-21 Hydro-pneumatic pump

Ref. 1604000

Working pressure: 700 bar.
Weight: 6.4 Kg./14.11 Lbs.
Dimensions: 347 x 157 x 208 mm
Tank capacity: 2.5 L
Speed:  1
Flow (700 bar): 0.15 L/min
Working air pressure: 2,8 to 10 bar
Air consumption: 400 N l/min